This is Our Wake Up Call!

       By Sandi Poystila
The recent tragic events in Newtown Connecticut have hit very close to home for me, as a mother of two young girls and as a child who grew up in a home with mental illness.
First I have to say how deeply saddened I am for the families as they try to deal with this incomprehensible and completely senseless act of evil at a time when we are especially keen to embrace our families with the joys of Christmas Love and fellowship. Let us realize how lucky we are to have our children home safe every night and how we should cherish each moment we have together. 
In President Obamas speech he promised to use his position to do whatever he could to help end these events from happening. He is right that in order to do so, we must change.  And he should start by changing his policies on what the US Military is doing with drones in Pakistan and other areas where they are killing innocent civilians and children in the name of fighting terrorism. ( Far more than a mere 20 children have been mercilessly murdered by Obamas regime.
This is a wake up call. It is time for change.
We must change how we program and condition our children at a very young age, with television and video games, cartoons and media. What they are being exposed to is just not acceptable. Last week I found my 9 year old in a chat room, reading adult content. I immediately took action to prevent any further exposure. I was shocked at what I read. 
It is time for all parents to demand that the laws designed to protect our children must change. We as parents must stand up for what is right and start writing endless letters pleading for action... now! And we mustn’t stop until changes are made!
Ban violence in video games. Stricter standards must be in place for those creating such games. Why is it ok for kids to play games like “Hitman”? What the hell are we teaching them by allowing this? Who creates this stuff and who buys this garbage for their children? And why?
Guns. I agree that guns don’t kill people. People kill people, BUT if people did not have guns to aim and shoot with, there would be a lot more people alive today. The United States needs to stand up to the N.R.A. and start regulating gun ownership and permits. Their gun laws, or lack of, are clearly out of control.  What kind of country does one live in where a 50 year old woman finds it necessary, comforting and safe to have a few handguns laying around?
Health Care and Education. To me, this is the core issue. If our governments would change how they spend our money and actually do what they are supposed to - act on OUR behalf, we would have more money going to health care (mental health included) and less money going to the war effort. More money for education. More money for seniors, more money for the homeless and mentally ill, for those suffering in poverty and abuse. We need to take care of our own people, to help them rise above their suffering and support them through their hurt and pain. The money spent, I mean wasted, in fighting wars and self defense could be better used. And health care doesn’t mean doping everyone up with what the pharmaceutical companies are trying to shove down our throats. Health care is about making healthy choices, changing our unhealthy lifestyles and respecting our bodies and minds, to reach our potential. That takes education.
Media Influence - the media glorifies violence. In the movies, in television, in video games,  on the’s everywhere.  C’mon, one of the most popular TV characters in prime time these days is Dexter, the serial killer. What happened to the days when Charles Ingalls (played by Michael Landon) was our hero? 
This is all going on around us and we ask ourselves WHY? Why does a 20 year old “snap” and do something so horrible? Sorry to say... it is because we allow it. We have turned a blind eye to what is going on in this world and we have learned to accept it and hope it will be okay. 
Clearly, it is not okay and the days of acceptance are over. 
How can WE do anything? What can WE do? We know the governments don’t listen to us. But we must try. We can’t change anything if we give up before we try. We can choose how we spend our money. The most power we have is in how we spend our money. Stop buying violent  video games or movies and they will stop being produced. It is the law of supply and demand.
Change starts at home. We can donate more money to charities who help those in need, we can volunteer our time to others, we can reach out for help if we feel we are in need and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. We can support positive role models and community projects that embrace hope and goodness in life.
We should write letters to those in power demanding change and don’t stop at just one letter, write one letter and cc it to more than one MP. Write President Obama and tell him that this could be his legacy to create a global movement for Peace.
One of the world’s greatest voices for peace, John Lennon died on December 8th, 1980 and we all remember him as a courageous voice who stood up and spoke out to change the world. Let’s not let his legacy end.  Let’s communicate about the problems and find solutions to this crazy world before we have to endure more suffering of innocent lives. Let’s not let their deaths be in vain.