SSI United Church WInterFaire

SSI United Church is once again celebrating the Christmas Season with their annual WinterFaire, Saturday, November 24th from 9 am to 2 pm. It’s a one-stop Christmas shopping affair at 111 Hereford Ave in downtown Ganges! Get into the Christmas spirit!
The Elf Brigade has been busy creating Handicrafts for sale. Too many to list!
While you are pursuing the handicrafts, enjoy the Christmas Cafe featuring hot lunch of traditional Tourtiere or homemade Bagels and Salmon, or even some Preacher's Pie, while listening to Music. Shop Upstairs and Downstairs for the Handicrafts, Cash and Carry Treasures, Christmas and Gluten Free Baking, Frozen Soups and assorted Breads, Jams, Fruit Cakes. Make a bid at the Silent Auction. For children there is a Kids-only Shopping area and Fishing Pond!
There will be goods available also, on Sunday Nov 25th from 11am until noon.

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